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Our sewing studio


If you're on this page I'm sure that you're an extraordinary woman or a girl caring about sustainable fashion. As a small brand, we hope you'll support our local business. Here you will find a photo gallery and a short story on how our products are born.

We, Ernesta and Adas, cut my fashion co-founders, work in our own professional sewing studio together with our magnificent team. It's a small but professional studio located in Vilnius. Our studio is where all of our ideas and products are being born. This is the place where our story began - the story of us both as creators and manufacturers. And for us, every day is a personal challenge. We constantly improve and strive for the best results. 

Designing clothes is a long process in which every single detail matters. Now, we want to share with you a brief story of how cut my fashion clothes are being created.

Idea. It's the very first and definitely one of the most important stages. It all starts with a sheet of white paper. We sketch our ideas - if we don't like it - we crumple that paper and throw it away. Then, we do it all again... until we come up with a design concept that we really like.

Patternmaking. The pattern is essentially a blueprint for each design that can later be turned into an actual garment. This stage demands a lot of patience and high attention to detail. It's very important to make a proper and complete pattern of the primary size, so at this stage, we are constantly testing and improving our design.

Fabric selection and testing. When designing clothes, we choose between various fabrics until we find the best one for each design.

Sewing and measuring. For the first time, it's nearly impossible to sew the piece of clothing the way you envisioned it. Thus, before we even come close to a finished product we create many samples. We always strive for the highest quality perfecting the product so that our client could wear it as long as possible.

Sewing all sizes. After making different sizes of clothing, we test each size on women of different body types from our friends and family. When we see our products in real life, we can better spot all the pros and cons of each garment. This stage is super important for us because we want every woman to feel comfortable and look beautiful while wearing our clothing.

Only after these 5 steps, we can finally start a full product run in our sewing studio. All of this requires a great amount of handiwork.

We create clothing for all the extraordinary women who don't like meeting another lady wearing the same outfit. So, if you want to unleash your own unique style in the most beautiful way, we hope you'll become a part of our mission. We are relatively small in this market ruled by big brands. But at the same time, we are unique, meaning that there's very little chance of meeting someone else in the same outfit.

Finally, if you have purchased our product or you’re planning to do so, we are extremely happy! We stand for sustainable fashion creating clothing products that are long-lasting and versatile. Thank you for supporting our local Lithuanian business.

cut my fashion – style is always with you.